Stave signs are the Perfect Gift!  These creative pieces are fun to give to anyone who loves wine.  Custom Saying available. Please allow 2 weeks for production.


Approximate Dimensions: 2in x 34.5 to 37in (size differs due to barrel uniqueness)


1. Wine me up and watch me go!
2. Love & Wine Better with time
3. More wine, less whine!
4. Uncork & Unwind
5. It's a Cabernet kind of day!
6.Wine is sunlight held together by water
7. It's wine O'clock again.
8. It's wine O'clock somewhere!
9. Wine a little, you'll feel better.
10. Wine a little, laugh a lot!
11. Wine is like duct tape it fixes everything.
12. Age improves with wine.
13. Ever think you drink too much wine? Me neither!
14. When wine goes in, Wisdom comes out!
15. Give me Coffee to change the things I can, and WINE to accept the things I can't!
16. Life is to short to drink cheap WINE!
17. Love the WINE you're with!
18. Keep CALM and drink WINE!

19. Wine Cellar

Stave Signs